Scorecard for 2014

Oculus Connect 1

Wow! 2015 already. 2014 certainly went by in a flash. At the start of the year I documented everything that I wanted to get done in 2014. Now I’d like to do a quick retrospective on those items.

I’ll start by going through each of the items listed and giving myself a mark out of 10 and then I’ll document why I gave myself that mark.

Mark Item Comments
5/10 Create a computer game of some type (mobile or desktop) While I did a bunch of work in Unity (and for Oculus Rift), I did not launch a game to market
5/10 Commit code to an open source project every day. If you forget, just begin again (my streak so far is 50 days) My streak was about 170 days by the time I got sick of it.
0/10 Take those rollerblades you’ve had in the cupboard for 6 years and actually use them They’re still in the cupboard
0/10 Finish the personal training app you were working on last year This has been shelved indefinitely
10/10 Read at least 1 book per month In total I finished 25 books in 2014. There was a good mix of novels and non-fiction
7/10 Learn another programming language till you can use it proficiently (I’m working on learning golang) I have dabbled with both Golang and Elixir this year, but have not produced anything substantial in either
0/10 Get the RHoK project FGIS out into some fire trucks for testing Perhaps one of the saddest of my non-completes for 2014, this failed to progress both from lack of interest on the problem owners side and also lack of pushing on my part
10/10 Design something from scratch and 3d print it I have designed several items from scratch and 3d printed them this year
Silly Walk 100km in one go (as of last year I can comfortably walk about 20km in one day, I want to improve on this I walked consistently for most of the year, but I’m ruling this a silly goal and not scoring it
0/10 Build muscle (Last year I lost about 15km, going from 97kg-83kg) Weight is back, and I haven’t put on any muscle
7/10 Collect and publish a large dataset under creative commons I have collected the dataset but have not yet published it
10*/10 Build a quadcopter (carried over from last year) Ended being smart and buying an almost completed quadcopter. I have been flying it a lot and introducing other people to it. Have managed to get the ball rolling on my employer investing in the technology as well
10/10 Visit a country you haven’t been too before Visited Italy for work, and went for a day trip to Switzerland while there. Also spent a bunch of time in San Francisco and LA, which while I’d been to the US before (NY) were both new as well
10/10 Meet/befriend 100 new people (more than just friending on twitter) Can’t say that I collected 100 business cards and that I’ll stay in touch with them all, but I have met and got to know a LOT of people this year

Final Score: 74 / 130


A passing grade but not as good as it could have been if we count the things I intended to do at the start of the year and didn’t end up doing.

On the other hand there are many many things that I accomplished this year that are not on the list.

The only one that I’m particularly unhappy about is my lack of progress on the fitness side. This is truly and area where I need to do better.

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