Things I Want To Do This Year

First Matterport scans - Mid 2014

While I was on my flight back from visting family in Sydney for Xmas, I started writing a list of everything I want to get done this year. It’s quite a long list, and it will be a very full year if I manage to do half of it. But it’s worth writing down:

  • Create a computer game of some type (mobile or desktop)
  • Commit code to an open source project every day. If you forget, just begin again (my streak so far is 50 days)
  • Take those rollerblades you’ve had in the cupboard for 6 years and actually use them.
  • Finish the personal training app you were working on last year
  • Read at least 1 book per month
  • Learn another programming language till you can use it proficiently (I’m working on learning golang)
  • Get the RHoK project FGIS out into some fire trucks for testing
  • Design something from scratch and 3d print it
  • Walk 100km in one go (as of last year I can comfortably walk about 20km in one day, I want to improve on this)
  • Build muscle (Last year I lost about 15kgm, going from 97kg-83kg)
  • Collect and publish a large dataset under creative commons
  • Build a quadcopter (carried over from last year)
  • Build a for the REA hackday in Feb
  • Visit a country you haven’t been too before
  • Meet/befriend 100 new people (more than just friending on twitter)

As you can see. I have my work cut out.

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