Embedding Matterport

2 min read
Early screenshot of a Matterport "dollhouse"

I have been working on getting Matterport integrated into the realestate.com.au listings. The teams responsible for those pages have a roadmap that extends for months. This is not an unusual problem within a big company.

The best way of testing is to put the Matterport tour into the photo carousel. Unfortunately, that’s difficult due to it’s design. It was not designed to accomodate the things that we now want it to do.

I came up with a solution, in what I hope is true Lean Startup style. Insert a small javascript embed that loads a clickable banner like the one below. This will sit below the photo carousel

3D Placeholder

When the users click on the banner they visit to a page that loads the correct Matterport tour for the listing. I deployed a small webapp using Heroku that allows us to see analytics about the way they interact.

Compared to the effort of doing the photo carousel, this was a quick and dirty way to test integrating. It’s difficult to embody the Lean Startup in a big organisation, but this is, I hope, one example of Build -> Measure -> Learn.

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