Oculus Connect

Oculus Connect - Registration

I really should have posted more but I’m having trouble balancing experiencing vs documenting. To make things worse a lot of my photos are blurry and unintelligible.

I also got to attend “The First Annual Proto Awards”. There was quite a bit of excitement around it despite it being a tiny community so far. I can’t help but wonder whether the people here will eventually get pushed aside as the bigger players start to participate.

Oculus Connect - Proto Awards

I found the history lesson that was part of the keynotes very compelling, partly because I’ve not been following VR as long as some but also because documentation about how to develop something like this might bear on my future work.

Oculus Connect - Desktop History Oculus Connect - Mobile History

My favourite part was definitely trying Samsung Gear VR. It’s insane, I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Oculus Connect - GearVR

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