StriveHQ: Searching for a new name

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Update: I’ve since stopped working on StriveHQ, however I believe in the permaweb, so I’ll leave this posted here

I’ve had the name ‘strve’ slated for use for my web application for a while. I liked the idea of striving towards something, and as is usually the case with these things, the domain name wasn’t available.

Removing the ‘I’ seemed like a hip, web 2.0 thing to do. Big thumbs up, because there were plenty of domains options.

All was well until a friend pointed out that ‘strve’ could as easily read ‘starve’ as ‘strive’. Which is not a sentiment that I want this app to embody.

So now, the search is on for another name. One that represents the health and fitness application that I’m building, and of course has available domain names, but doesn’t have any negative connotations.