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My Digital Nomad Carry

5 min read

The Crumpler Light Delight Messenger

5 min read

Inspiration from near-term Sci-Fi

5 min read

Case Study: Self-Service Laundry

5 min read

rEFInd: SIP and Secure Boot

5 min read

Exploring NFTs

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Things To Look for in a Coworking Membership

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Spaces Coworking and the Pandemic

8 min read

Healthcare in Estonia for Digital Nomads

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Minus One Week

VR at Officeworks

Moped Error

RepRap Prusa i3

Future Assembly

HTC Vive Dev Kit

Recon Glasses

News Foundry

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Embedding Matterport

Leap Motion + DK2

Scorecard for 2014

Oculus Connect

Techcrunch VR meetup

Silicon Valley VR

Awesome Links #10

Awesome Links #9

An update on my AWS bill

Links for Good

Awesome Links #7

Awesome Links #6

Awesome Links #5

Awesome Links #4

Awesome Links #3

Awesome Links #2

Awesome Links #1

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StriveHQ: Searching for a new name

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Bootstrapping a Fitness App in 30 days

Renaming a Rails 3 app

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Big Data in Real-Time at Twitter

Daily Stand Up #1

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When you don’t create things

Sinatra on Java

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What people are looking to connect to Facebook

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Less twitter more tumblr

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I Don't Get It

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Multi-tasking the presentation away.

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Copy the structure but not the data.


Kilroy was here


The API Challenge

Rails Rumble 2009

Quick Update

Getting started Twitter

Boiler updated.

The Christmas cleanup

DQL stuff

Mongrel service tip

Corkscrew to the Net

Rails Rumble 2008

The pain that is VS 2008


Apple iPhone Dev

Internet Limbo

The 0th law of security

Thoughts on Java

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Stronghold 2 Review

4 min read - Worth the Risk?