Minus One Week

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Minus One Week

I must be crazy. I have only one week left of normal employment. One week after that and we’re off on a grand adventure. Traveling and working on a start-up.

Despite one of the best jobs in the world, it wasn’t for me. A couple of months ago I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing.

Having amazing toys and a great job was stopping me from going on a journey to create a startup. It was and is something that I’ve wanted to do for the longest time. Now I’m at the step before the first step.

When my partner and I talk about the things we want to do in life so many of them aren’t doable with a nine to five life.

I’ve decided to document everything about the journey and the plan. I’m a big fan of indiehackers.com. Indie Hackers relies on people being willing to share their journeys.

Do I have anything to report yet? Cleaning my life. Big changes all seem to happen at once. Quitting my job, selling my apartment, and travelling around Europe as I work on the startup.

I’m going to be adhering to the Lean Startup in my approach to building a Startup. I have churned through a whole bunch of relevant books in the last 2 months at my job.

So it’s all plans and beginnings. I expect some dwarves and a wizard to show up shortly to whisk me off to parts unknown.