Things I wish 'Ok Google' would respond properly too

Photo by Luis Cortés on Unsplash

After switching to the Google Pixel, I’ve found myself using ‘Ok Google’ more and more. Particularly when it comes to actions like setting reminders, and events and navigating.

This is a list of things I wished worked, in no particular order, with dates attached so I can record when they do start working.


  • Some of these things are limitations of the assistant, and some of them are limitations of the application
  • It possible some of these already work and I just don’t know how to access them. Though that is itself a failure. Discovery should be easy.

April 2017

  • Take a note - Says I don’t have a note app installed
  • Navigate to X (decides that I want to walk regardless of how far). “Navigate to X by car” works, but it should be more intelligent about what it suggests as the default.
  • Navigation: Toggle the toll roads / no toll roads per trip, rather than as a global setting in the navigation app. While ‘Navigate without tolls’ works
  • Send a Telegram message
  • Send a Whatsapp message
  • Set an all-day event (The flow can only handle ‘one hour’ meetings)