SXSW - Regina Dugan - Making Epic Sh*t

Regina Dugan - Making Epic Sh*t

Yet another brain dump.

Regina Dugan - Making Epic Sh*t was probably my favourite talk at SXSW so far.

  • Credentials: DARPA + Google ATAP
  • Innovation is a discipline
  • Breakthrough vs Evolutionary Innovation
  • When operating at the level that DARPA/Google ATAP operate at failure is just a part of it - Said differently Breakthrough Innovation is going to involve failure.
  • Failure isn’t the problem, fear of failure is the problem
  • Pasteur’s Quadrant - Picking highly applicable technologies for which the science is now ready

The talk wasn’t recorded but I did find a bunch of other Regina talks after:

The Google I/O talk is longer and potentially better (though slightly older).

An even older talk while Regina was still at DARPA is also interesting: