Things I Want To Do This Year (2015)

Photo by Mohammed Fkriy on Unsplash

This will be my second year documenting things that I want to do this year and giving myself a mark on the results. I found it to be a valuable exercise last year, though my priorities did shift over the course of the year.

Continued / Extended goals

  • Read 2 books a month at least 50% non-fiction (This is now based on my velocity from last year)
  • Collect another large dataset
  • Obtain a healthy BMI
  • 3D print and build a 3D printer
  • Publish usable libraries in Elixir and Golang

New goals

  • Speak publicly about technology at least twice
  • Write at least 12 blog posts for the year
  • Write a library for use in ML or AI
  • Write an automated trading system that uses AI
  • Fly a drone in an automated way
  • Create a full game using VR
  • Learn Italian
  • Learn how to make a quantum