Awesome Links #3

Awesome links for the 25th of September 2013

Nathan Gould - Crysis 2

Nathan Gould - Crysis 2

Disqus - Scaling Django to 8 billion page views. Good reminder on the importance of mastering caching.

fesplugas/rbenv-installer - Nice automated way of installing rbenv and getting Ruby up and running.

camlistore - a new content management system written in go-lang. I’ve been playing with this for a few weeks now, and even though it’s still very raw, you can see the potential.

Heroku Roadmap (circa 2010) - Interesting look back at all of the things that Adam Wiggins and Heroku was thinking about back in 2010. They’ve built an amazing platform. Doing some archeology on how they went about it is a great idea (Might follow up on this further).