My Post-PRISM checklist

As an Australian, i.e. Non-US-Resident Non-US-Citizen, I've decided to take certain actions to change my online behaviours after recent events. While I have nothing of particular interest in my site usage/cloud/servers, I feel like the behaviour of the US government should not be ignored, and since US companies must to comply with US laws, they cannot be deemed safe.

WHY: Edward Snowden via The Guardian leaked numerous documents, including information about the PRISM program which suggests there is extensive surveillance and interception of foreign citizens' data without a court order.

NB: This is a work in progress. Suggestions welcome. If nothing else this is an indication of how annoying this is going to be, and how many US based services I currently rely on.

% Complete Company Service Actions & Comments
10% Facebook Social Media Backup and close facebook account. I don't really use this anyway.
10% LinkedIn Social Media Backup and close LinkedIn account. Make details available using website with some form of Authentication.
10% Twitter Social Media Backup and close twitter account. Self host a stream?
80% Google Gmail Redirect domains and migrate email off the service.
1% Google Analytics Search for a non-US replacement.
5% Linode Servers Find another provider and migrate applications/data to new provider
10% Amazon EC2 Investigate data sovereignty for ap-southeast-2 region, and either move instances there, or completely off Amazon
10% Amazon S3 Investigate data sovereignty for ap-southeast-2 region, and either move data there, or completely off Amazon
1% Heroku Web Apps All the little apps need to be migrated. Probably to a VPS (see above)
1% GitHub Repositories Find another provider (or self host) and migrate repositories
1% Dropbox File Storage Probably just self-host, and do without the functionality. Move data out of Dropbox, close account.
1% iPhone Mobile Device Move back to Android, install ParanoidAndroid
1% MacBook Laptop Switch to Linux instead of MacOS X