Kilroy was here

Myth has it that ‘Kilroy was here’ was the mark of a shipbuilder before/during WWII, and that it was picked up by Servicemen who found it amusing that the mark was made in supposedly unreachable places. They then spread the mark elsewhere, as locations around the world were liberated. I love this concept, because I’m not a fan of limitations – I’m an avid gamer, but I rail against games that don’t let you stray from the path. There is no variety, or replay value because each time you have exactly the same sequence of events. Many hopeful web developers fall into this pitfall as well. I was reading, a(nother) look at a metaphor called ‘desire lines’, that has similarly important lessons for the web2.0 community. You can’t force people to do what you want. The lesson is simple and played out all around us, you can set down a path, but you can’t make people want to use that route. A good designer will probably preempt a lot of what people will want, but not everything, and the overnight success that all of us are searching for is a bit hit and miss. Plenty of good ideas are out there, but finding something that people actually want, and then getting the word out there that you’re product is there is tough.

Or something like that.