The API Challenge

One of my favorite finds this year is Programmable Web, a site dedicated to APIs and Mashups that are the lifeblood of web 2.0. Having just watched the movie Julie & Julia, which I highly recommend, I think that its only appropriate that I set myself a similar challenge. Take the top 50 apis, and within the next year develop a non trivial application for each of them (in no particular order). I’ve set myself a couple of rules:

  • You are allowed to use any client libraries if they exist.
  • Using multiple APIs in the one application is allowed (yay for mashup's)
  • Any libraries/applications that are developed in the course of the challenge must have tests/specs and documentation.
  • And of course blog about each api.

First up:

  • API: Google Maps
  • Deadline: Thursday the 29th of October

You’ll be hearing from me soon. In the meantime I welcome anyone that wants to participate. Just leave a comment on this post, with your details. If it proves to be popular then I’ll get some kind of signup/participant website going.