The Christmas cleanup

Over the weekend I went to melbourne for a couple of christmas parties, the work one and the extended family one. I’m into my last week at work before the Christmas break and I must say that I am dying to put up my feet and enjoy the a nice sunny and warm christmas. I know there are people that think christmas should be all white and cold, more power to them, but I’m not one of those people. I like the fact that we can have our social occasions outside at the beach or in the sun. One of the things that has to happen this week is for me to make sure that the system is in the best possible condition. Create documentation about how to keep the system running for the on call person that will be responsible for dealing with any issues that arise and provide as much knowledge based material as possible. Not to much mind since I don’t want my job to disappear over the christmas break, but enough that when I come back on the 5th of january I don’t walk into a disaster zone.

I’m secretly working on a tool that can be used to monitor each of the Documentum components and send me information when one or more of them breaks. It won’t be mature by christmas but it’ll be good if it notifies me of any irritating problems. I also need to finish up as many of the outstanding tasks as possible. All this should make for a hectic week.