A little SQL injection to make the weekend more interesting.

I’ve been going along mostly unaware of the fact that the internet is currently experiencing a nasty spate of SQL injection attacks. These attacks are being used to infect visitors to otherwise harmless and friendly websites. They’re advanced and complicated attacks that a few years ago the world had never really experienced, thats not the case any more. It is an increasing reality that viruses and worms are no longer the province of bored uni students, but rather done by what can only be described as a technologically aware organised crime. The site I happened to run across the problem at, finally took the site offline and cleaned the fields that had been ‘infected’, and I would hope that they’ve also taken steps to solve the problem.

I’m going to build some more information up on the technical aspects of this attack. So for the moment this is a place holder. I’ll be building up some more information over the next few days.