Future Assembly

I visited the inaugural Future Assembly this weekend. There were some really interesting startups and companies doing emerging technology work (and some crazy bitcoin people wearing suits and looking slightly shady).

By far my favourite though, was the CSIRO Hexapod and Quadcopter. I recorded a short video for your enjoyment:

HTC Vive Dev Kit

I visited Valve in Seattle after Oculus Connect 2. They were great hosts, and agreed to send me a dev kit to work with and show off. Today it arrived.

My Colleagues are apparently all old hands now at looking good while wearing a VR headset.

Joh wearing the new Vive Dev Kit Mei wearing the new Vive Dev Kit Nigel wearing the new Vive Dev Kit

Ready Player One - Thoughts on OC2

Ready Player One

So many thoughts about Oculus Connect 2.

The theme for the event is definitely revealed by the inclusion of Ready Player One in all the conference bags. I’ve long since read it (as I suspect have most here). Facebook definitely foresees a world where everyone interacts in an environment similar to Oasis.

OC2 - Keynote

It’s sooo much bigger than last year, and so much more serious. There are a lot of attendees that come from bigger companies now (particularly game studios), and it didn’t feel that way last year.

Automated Trading resources

One of the things that I’ve been doing sporadically over the last couple of years is dabbling in Automated Trading. Now when I say dabbling, I mean small fry. Mostly playing with backtesting and the occasional test with small amounts of real money.

It’s been interesting, and I’ve learned a lot (many of the ‘things not to do’).

The following is a collection of useful tools and learning resources.

Ray White Conference - Matterport

Slightly simpler than the AREC stand, however still cool. Spent a lot of the time explaining and demoing the Matterport the attendees.

Ray White Stand